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Why Express?

Through Express Protocol's robust and handy SDK, you can develop from a simple NFT minting dApp to a complex multistandard multichain NFT Marketplace with features like auctioning, creating collections and much more.

Challanges with developing NFT dApps

  • Nativity: Developers need to be native to the web3 tech, have good familiarity with blockchain and must be proficient in writing smart contracts.

  • Ease of Use: Developing dApps involves checking many marks like writing efficient functions, adding modifiers and decorators, controlling access and a hell lot.

  • Time Consumption: Checking above mentioned marks and writing smart contracts from scratch takes a good amount of time.

  • Security: With transfering assets and funds through dApps, there comes many vulnerabilities which can and had caused exploitation of funds and complete failure of application in past.

How Express Protocol Solves these challenge

  • Express SDK enables developer to create NFT dApps without gettting intimidated by blockchain and smart contract complexities. SDK takes care of interacting at blockchain level and developer just need to design a frontend, set up a wallet and call SDK function to create a operating NFT dApp.

  • With Express SDK, developers don't have to write smart contracts from scratch for their dApp, so they can put their skills and energy in creating innovative and out of the box applications instead of re-inventing the wheel.

  • Building NFT Marketplaces may take days and weeks but with Express SDK, it is possible to build fully functional multinetwork NFT Marketplace in few hours.

  • Express Protocol codebase is open source and the Protocol's Smart Contracts have gone through multiple phase of auditing and hence it ensures that building dApps with Express SDK, which is built on well tested Smart Contracts, is immune to all the existing threats and vulnerabilities.

These are plenty of challenges Express Protocol is solving, but the centre of attention is yet to come.

Liquidating Assets

Currently, the major problem with the NFT Marketplaces is the lack of liquidity or unbalanced liquidity among markets. There are many scenarios where there is a NFT listed on one marketplace but the potential bidders and buyers are unaware about the listing as they might be on any other marketplace and hence the order stays unfilled.

Express protocol liquidates assets through the concept of shared order book. Every marketplaces built using Express SDK shares all the listing and placed orders and therefore balancing liquidity among markets. This simply means that a NFT listed on one market place can be filled through all other markets built using our SDK.