const result = await ExpressSDK.erc1155.collection.sellNFT(
  web3, // Web3 instance configured with metamask provider
  chainId, // Network id of blockchain
  collectionAddress, // Address of the collection
  tokenId, // TokenId of the item in that collection
  sellingPrice, // Selling Price of the item
  ownerAddress, // Address of the collection owner/minter
  tokenAmount //Amount of token

After this function is executed the seller of the collection will be able to put up an item on sale from its collection and an event TokenMetaReturn is emitted which contains key-value pairs.

const tokenMetaEvent =;

tokenMetaEvent variable is an object with following key-value pair:

  bidEndTime: "0"; // Ending time of bid if item on auction
  bidSale: false; // Item on auction sale or not
  bidStartTime: "0"; // staring time of bid if item on auction
  collectionAddress: "0x9095Ee504caeADfdA6EA81Ee8EC625a5827a6BF2"; // collection address
  currentOwner: "0xbEc53EBdf7833B9d8747522287d5781d265A3e87"; // current owner address
  directSale: true; // item on direct sale or not
  mintedBy: "0x675056CeEBE35C6c6aB46d7a099CAfEADe153De1"; // minter address
  price: "1000"; // selling or initial bidding price of item
  saleId: "8"; // sale id of item
  status: true; // status of item
  tokenId: "11"; // token id of item
  tokenAmount: "10" // amount of token