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Pandora Protocol consists of a variety of Smart Contracts and Libraries for minting, buying, selling, auctioning, and bidding tokens of ERC721 and ERC1155 standard.

Contracts Overview

Tokens can be created either using Pandora’s public contract PNDC_ERC721/PNDC_ERC1155 or a collection can be deployed using the TokenFactory/TokenFactory1155 contract and then tokens can be created inside that collection.

TokenERC721/TokenERC1155 contract contains boilerplate functions for all the collection contracts that will be deployed.

NFTFactoryContract/NFTFactoryContract1155 contains functions for selling and buying tokens.

NFTBid/NFTBid1155 contract contains functions for auction sale and bidding.

NFTStorage/NFTStorage1155 contract is used as a storage contract for all the sale and collection data.

Libraries Overview

Libraries are used by Smart Contracts to hold useful data in an organized way.

LibShare library contains the royalty share structure.

LibMeta/LibMeta1155 library contains the sales metadata structure.

LibCollection/LibCollection1155 library contains the collections metadata structure.

LibBid/LibBid1155 library contains the bid Order structure.

LibERC721/LibERC1155 library contains a function to deploy a new ERC721 contract(collection).